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Over 30-year's experience in the protection of upper furnace components

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Upper furnace components in boilers experience some of the most challenging erosive/corrosive environments in any industry. Being exposed to flue gas corrosion products, their operating temperature is typically higher than other components, such as waterwalls. In addition, these critical components are also exposed to flue gas particulates traveling at high velocities because of the area reduction typically designed into the units.

WSI has over 30-year’s experience in the protection of upper furnace components using the patented Unifuse360® technology. This unique product features a fully fused welded bond between the corrosion resistant overlay material and the tube base material. The patented welding process utilized provides a fully tempered heat affected zone that allows the tube to be bent to final product configuration after the application of the coating. The bond quality of these tubes is significantly better than other approaches, such as coextruded tubes and tubes that have been heat treated after overlay is applied.

Unifuse360 can be manufactured in small batches using corrosion resistant alloys that are tailored specifically for the corrosive environment of your boiler. With the largest installed base in the industry, the reliability of the technology has been time tested and has offered successful protection for hundreds of boilers throughout the world.

Watch our Europe facility as they perform panel overlay process:


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