power distribution centers

Power Distribution Centers

Ruggedly constructed power distribution centers for industrial and power generation applications

PDCs designed to house and protect power distribution, including motor control centers and power control centers

Avail’s RuggedSpec II™ Power Distribution Centers are designed for reliability, providing secure shelters for critical electrical components, shielding them from environmental hazards, and ensuring uninterrupted operation. These rugged PDC buildings are environmentally controlled for consistent operating conditions regardless of external factors. Factory-fabricated with precision, they offer optimal protection and functionality for power distribution, metering, and control equipment, including:

  • Low and Medium Voltage Switchgear
  • Low and Medium Voltage Motor Control
  • Variable Frequency Drives
  • Motor Drive Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Control Switchboards
  • Annunciator and Alarm Panels
  • Communication Panels

Efficiently engineered power distribution centers offer custom solutions for critical applications

As a cost-effective alternative to “site-built” construction, RuggedSpec II Power Distribution Centers are custom-engineered in one of our three U.S.-based manufacturing facilities that meet Avail’s highest quality and efficiency requirements, with every PDC building tested before delivery to meet your demanding site conditions. Avail provides solutions to safeguard and protect critical equipment from extreme temperatures to highly corrosive environments, offering fast turnaround and expedient delivery to meet the most demanding schedules. Served industries and applications include power generation, chemical processing, pulp and paper, water/wastewater, pipeline, LNG terminals, and data centers.

RuggedSpec II Power Distribution Centers offer a self-contained, integrated electrical package at a low installed cost by eliminating field labor. Factory-built, wired, and tested prior to shipment, they require minimal onsite assembly and interconnects, reducing weather and coordination delays. Only incoming and outgoing electrical connections are necessary after positioning on a suitable foundation.

Avail Power Distribution Centers feature reliability, efficiency, and versatility

The RuggedSpec II Power Distribution Center’s various features ensure reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Its pre-engineered design meets or surpasses the latest IBC, IEC, or ComCheck standards, complying with all nationally recognized electrical and building codes, including NEMA 3R ratings for durability against environmental factors. With minimized engineering time, this PDC building offers streamlined construction processes.

Our PDCs are built with modular construction principles, accommodating standard interior widths, lengths, and heights, conforming to applicable code requirements for typical switchgear and MCC dimensions. Its flexibility allows for movable packaged equipment centers and expandable configurations, while its exterior dimensions and modules facilitate trailer transportation, enhancing mobility and versatility. This not only empowers you with adaptable solutions but also ensures significant cost savings without compromising quality.

Including common components, such as base structurals, floor plates, wall panels, and roofs designed from stock inventory, our power distribution centers ensures cost savings without compromising quality. Additionally, factory-built and tested before shipment significantly reduces construction time, labor, material, and installation costs. This approach also includes splices, interconnects, and accessories tested after assembly, meeting rain test criteria for IECC Std. C37.20-2-2020. Continuity testing is standard, with options for megger and hi-pot testing of switchgear and MCC available.

The RuggedSpec II Power Distribution Center provides various accessories to meet diverse operational needs, including standard or specialized HVAC systems, electrical components, and cable management features like trays and wireways. Safety and functionality are enhanced with UPS, battery, rack, DC charger, annunciator, exterior alarms, and fire detection systems. Customization options include floor, wall, roof openings, equipment rear access panels, standard or custom doors, battery enclosures, and special rooms catering to various industrial and power generation applications.

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