bus duct transformer replacement

Bus Duct Transformer Replacement

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Expert technicians for every step of your bus duct transformer replacement

As the leading manufacturer and installer of bus systems, Avail is uniquely qualified to provide expert solutions for bus duct transformer replacement, whether scheduled or urgent. Our experienced technicians support every step of the process, from system evaluation to solution recommendations, ensuring efficient, effective, and safe work. Avail’s exemplary safety record and extensive knowledge guarantee optimal results for all transformer replacement projects.

Innovative solutions for transformer replacements and asset consolidation

Avail understands that not all transformer swaps are emergency projects. With the reduction in capital availability for spare transformers and the closing of many coal-burning power plants, Avail can support consolidating transformer assets to use as spares on multiple units, even at different sites.

Our team is adept at designing and building transformer termination kits that allow for multiple bus system interfaces. A recent project exemplifies our problem-solving capabilities. We assisted a customer who purchased a single transformer to serve as a spare for three different power plants. This complex task required designing enclosures with multiple termination kits, enabling the transformer to fit any of nine possible IPB systems. Our innovative approach allowed the customer to maintain a single set of enclosures and multiple kits in stock, ready for immediate use, thereby minimizing storage challenges and downtime.

Our designs include adjustable features for scenarios where the spare transformer cannot be set in the exact location as the previous one. This adaptability helps customers avoid costly and time-consuming waits for emergency parts to be designed, built, and shipped. Instead, all necessary parts are already on-site and ready for installation, ensuring a seamless and efficient bus duct transformer replacement process.

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