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Custom E-Houses

Explore our versatile range of options for custom e-houses

Mobile, custom e-houses for reliable protection and a faster turnaround

Avail specializes in custom e-house solutions to meet your evolving needs while providing reliable protection for your critical infrastructure. Our team collaborates closely with yours, ensuring the ideal custom engineered e-house for your environment. We offer special applications such as EMP shielding, drop-over designs, multi-hazard protection, blast-resistant enclosures, two-story units, and facade integration. These solutions not only guarantee superior durability in harsh environments but also ensure full compliance with safety regulations.

With our highly efficient and streamlined manufacturing production processes across any of our three U.S.-based facilities, Avail can quote, build, and deliver faster to meet the most demanding delivery schedules.

EMP shielding ensures uninterrupted operations

In today’s technological landscape, the threat of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) events poses a significant risk to critical infrastructure and equipment. Avail’s electromagnetic pulse protection offers a solution to safeguard against these potentially devastating disruptions.

Avail’s EMP-equipped custom e-houses stand out in the market with their purpose-built design, offering options for inner and outer skins with varying thicknesses and materials for superior protection. They are factory-assembled, wired, and pre-tested, minimizing on-site assembly and delays. This custom-engineered e-house with EMP protection prevents widespread instability and uncontrolled separation within interconnected systems. It guarantees uninterrupted operation in the face of electromagnetic disruptions, making it a unique and reliable solution for your protection needs.

custom e-houses

Drop Over Enclosures are an efficient and cost-effective solution

The Avail Drop Over Enclosure addresses the needs of markets requiring protection for electrical and mechanical equipment against environmental hazards, especially in areas with limited space during construction and expansion projects.

Avail’s RuggedSpec II design provides exceptional protection, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the harshest conditions. This makes our drop-over e-houses ideal for customers facing weather exposure and corrosion challenges. Engineered with open-bottom and top lifting lugs, these custom enclosures allow for effortless placement over existing floors, ensuring a rapid and seamless installation process. The custom factory-fabricated design facilitates easy bolting to existing bases and pads, providing a simple, cost-effective solution for your protection needs.

custom e-houses

Expertly engineered custom e-houses for multi-hazard protection

Protecting equipment in hazardous locations requires tailored solutions that adhere to stringent safety standards. Avail’s team of skilled engineers demonstrates expertise in navigating the complex regulations outlined by the National Electrical Code (NEC) for hazardous locations, such as environments where flammable gasses, liquids, or dust may be present. Our comprehensive understanding of NEC standards enables us to provide customizable options to meet the specific requirements of both Class I and Class II hazardous locations.

Avail also offers custom e-houses crafted from stainless steel constructions, guaranteeing compliance with safety regulations and superior durability in harsh environments. Our enclosures are engineered to withstand hazardous substances, ensuring reliable protection for critical equipment in demanding industrial settings.

custom e-houses

Blast-resistant enclosures protect against explosions and fire hazards

Avail specializes in fully customized blast-resistant enclosures with rugged and durable construction for multi-hazard protection. Our custom-engineered solutions are meticulously tailored to meet or exceed site-specific hazards, offering dependable protection against elevated psi levels resulting from minor to significant blast events, including vapor cloud explosions. Engineered to withstand pressures ranging from 1 psi up to 15 psi, Avail’s blast-resistant modular buildings provide versatile solutions suitable for various threat levels and distances.

Our blast-resistant buildings provide reliable defense against vapor cloud explosions, significantly enhancing safety in hazardous environments. Constructed with non-combustible materials, our Fabricated Equipment Centers (CEMs) surpass NFPA 850 standards, ensuring exceptional fire resistance.

custom e-houses

Maximize your space with two-story custom e-houses

Avail’s two-story buildings offer an optimal solution for compact locations where space is at a premium. Vertically expanding, these buildings effectively double the available floor area without sacrificing design flexibility. Whether facing spatial constraints in urban environments or seeking to maximize land usage in industrial settings, our two-story units provide unparalleled versatility. Our innovative design ensures that structural integrity and safety are never compromised. Each two-story unit is meticulously engineered to meet rigorous standards, even in the most demanding environments.

custom e-houses

Seamlessly integrate various facades

Avail seamlessly integrates various facades, including brick, into our custom e-houses, ensuring compliance with local building codes while maintaining style. We prioritize architectural elements that enhance visual appeal, meeting both regulatory requirements and your aesthetic preferences.

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