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Bus duct solutions with proven expertise

Avail Bus Systems are found in a wide range of environments worldwide. With extensive experience in custom-designed bus duct products that deliver proven performance, Avail is the preferred choice for medium and high-voltage bus systems. Whether for industrial, commercial, or utility applications, Avail offers the reliability and efficiency you need.

Avail is your one-stop solution for all your bus system needs. Our comprehensive range of offerings, expert maintenance services, and reliable emergency support ensure your bus systems operate at peak performance and durability.

A recognized leader in innovative bus system technology

As a long-standing industry leader, Avail is renowned for its expertise in advanced bus systems and comprehensive service and maintenance options. Our experience and manufacturing capabilities result in proven solutions that power the world today and into the future. Avail’s medium and high-voltage bus duct solutions meet the highest standards of reliability, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operations.

Improved bus system reliability for everyday operations

Avail’s High-Voltage Bus Systems are essential for critical applications requiring the highest reliability. They provide a cost-effective, fully integrated solution for hydroelectric, renewable, and combined-cycle power plants. Avail designs and installs complete systems, interfacing with major generator, circuit breaker, and transformer manufacturers. Our bus duct systems are engineered to fit almost any installation constraint and minimize right-of-way requirements, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Unmatched bus duct maintenance and emergency services

Avail’s preventive maintenance program is tailored to meet each application’s specific needs and is performed by an expert team with an outstanding safety record. Our services include thorough on-site diagnostics, inspections, cleaning, testing, and replacement parts to ensure optimal bus system performance. Additionally, our 24-hour emergency service provides support whenever needed.

Building on a legacy of proven expertise

At Avail Bus Systems, we build on a legacy of leadership and innovation. Since acquiring The Calvert Company in 1990, we have excelled in medium-voltage electrical bus design and installation. Our 1999 acquisition of Compressed Gas Insulated Transmission (CGIT) strengthened our long-distance power transmission capabilities. These legacy brands support our commitment to excellence and innovation in the power transmission industry.

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