bus systems

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bus systems

Designed for applications that demand the highest degree of reliability

Avail Bus Systems are found in a wide range of environments around the world. Representing a long history of knowledge and expertise in custom-designed products that deliver proven performance, Avail solutions are the preferred option for medium and high voltage bus ducts. 

Improved reliability for everyday operations

Avail’s High Voltage Bus Systems are in many critical applications that demand the highest reliability. These systems are a cost-effective, fully integrated option from hydroelectric and renewable plants to combined cycle power plants. Avail can design and install the entire system, including interfaces with major manufacturers of generators, generator circuit breakers, and transformers. They are designed to accommodate almost any installation constraint and minimize right-of-way requirements.

A recognized leader in innovative bus system technology

Long regarded as the industry expert, Avail represents extensive experience developing advanced bus systems with a wide range of service and preventative maintenance options. Avail’s knowledge and manufacturing capability translate to proven solutions that keep the world running today and into the future.

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