gas insulated bus

Gas Insulated Bus and Lines

SF6 gas insulated bus (GIB) and lines (GIL) provide reliable, flexible, and efficient power transmission for substations and long-distance needs

Gas Insulated Bus (GIB) and Gas Insulated Lines (GIL)

Avail is a global leader in high-voltage SF6 insulated bus systems, offering both Gas Insulated Bus (GIB) and Gas Insulated Lines (GIL) to meet diverse power transmission needs. By understanding the distinct roles and advantages of GIB and GIL, Avail can help you optimize your electrical infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient power delivery.

Gas Insulated Bus (GIB) is ideal for indoor and space-constrained environments

Gas Insulated Bus (GIB), also known as gas insulated bus duct, is typically used within substations and power plants to connect various electrical components such as transformers, switchgear, and generators. Enclosed in a metal casing filled with SF6 (sulfur hexafluoride), GIB provides superior insulation and arc-quenching properties.

gas insulated bus

Key Features and Benefits of GIB:

  • Compact Design:Takes up less space compared to air-insulated bus systems, making it ideal for indoor and space-constrained environments.
  • High Reliability:The use of SF6 gas provides excellent insulation, reducing the risk of electrical faults and enhancing system reliability.
  • Maintenance Efficiency:Enclosed design protects the bus from external environmental factors, reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Enhanced Safety:The metal enclosure and gas insulation prevent electrical arcs and improve overall safety within the substation.
  • Reduced Environmental Impact:Underground installation options reduce the environmental footprint compared to traditional overhead lines.
gas insulated bus

A global leader in high-voltage SF6 gas insulated lines

As the only North American manufacturer of GIL for high-voltage transmission and substation applications, Avail offers an optimal alternative to conventional cable systems and overhead lines. Our GIL provides numerous benefits over traditional GIS bus designs, high voltage cables, and overhead transmission lines.

  • Fabricated Elbow Design: Enables changes in direction at any angle between 90˚ and 180˚, offering unparalleled flexibility.
  • Extended Section Lengths: Up to 18 meters (60 feet) to minimize production and installation costs.
  • High Power Capacity: Continuous capacity through 8,000 amperes, allowing more power per circuit.
  • Reduced In-Service Failures: Ensures reliability and longevity.
  • Flange Bolted Design: Allows for quick installation without the need for specialty-trained crews or special equipment.
  • Wide Voltage Range: From 115kV to 1,200kV, catering to various high-voltage needs.
  • Versatile Routing Options: Suitable for diverse installation requirements.
  • Low Profile Designs: Improve aesthetics and security, blending seamlessly into the environment.

Ensuring long-term reliable performance

Avail GIL offers high current capacity with minimal power loss and low-profile designs for enhanced aesthetics and security, along with virtually limitless flexibility. With an operating life of up to 50 years, Avail’s gas insulated bus systems are engineered for long-term, reliable performance, ensuring your power transmission needs are met efficiently and effectively.

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