non-segregated bus duct

Non-Segregated Bus Duct

Custom designed, totally enclosed NEMA 3R class non-segregated bus duct for enhanced durability

Non-segregated bus duct designed for cost-effective, low maintenance, long-term power connections

Developed for the most demanding industrial and power generation environments, Avail’s non-segregated phase bus duct represents an innovative design that ensures effective system performance while being cost-effective and low maintenance. Avail’s single-bar design reduces installation costs, minimizes hardware at splice connections, and decreases install time. The 3-phase, 4-wire non-seg bus system (available in both full and half neutrals) and 2-pole DC bus enhance efficiency across various applications, including utility plants, petroleum plants, chemical plants, and marine environments.

non-segregated bus duct

Enhance durability and customization in non-segregated phase bus duct

Avail’s non-segregated phase bus duct systems offer enhanced durability and customization options to meet specific client needs. The non-seg bus ducts are constructed with high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even in the harshest conditions. Customers can choose between copper or aluminum epoxy-coated conductors based on your specific requirements. Furthermore, Avail provides a range of customization options, including different enclosure types and configurations, to seamlessly integrate with existing infrastructure. This flexibility makes Avail’s non-segregated phase bus ducts an ideal solution for various industrial applications, ensuring reliable power distribution and minimizing downtime.

Designed to meet NEMA 3R standards for challenging environments

Avail’s non-segregated phase bus ducts are designed to meet NEMA 3R standards, providing reliable, weather-resistant performance suitable for various applications and challenging environments. Trust Avail for durable, efficient, and cost-effective non-segregated bus duct solutions.


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