relay panels

Relay Panels

Customized relay panels to meet your current needs and future requirements

Custom relay panels engineered with expertise and collaboration

relay panels

At Avail, we specialize in designing and constructing protective relay and control panels tailored to meet your current needs and future equipment requirements. With extensive experience and a rigorous quality control program, Avail collaborates closely with your team to engineer high-quality relay panels that precisely fit your system’s specifications. Leveraging operational insights and expertise, we craft custom relay panels to ensure optimal system performance and efficiency. Our standard simplex, duplex, and triplex designs are engineered for durability and ease of maintenance.

With advanced manufacturing technology and automation of processes from fabrication to panel assembly, Avail’s extensive production capabilities provide maximum flexibility for customization and the utilization of virtually any material. We prioritize production speed and precision, resulting in shorter lead times and faster project delivery. Our efficient processes enable quick and precise replication of custom builds and seamless integration of relay panels into control buildings. Each panel undergoes thorough functional testing to guarantee optimal performance and reliability.

With Avail, you can be confident that our in-house team of experts handles every aspect of the design and production of your protective relay panels—from engineering and metal work to wiring and inspection. Our comprehensive capabilities provide consistent quality assurance and create efficiencies, resulting in cost savings and faster turnaround times.

relay panels

Avail’s quality assurance ensures reliable relay panels

Avail’s commitment to quality assurance flows throughout our operations. Our UL 508a Panel Shop ensures that our relay panels undergo rigorous inspection and testing by our dedicated quality assurance team, ensuring confidence and reliability from design to completion.

relay panels

Avail relay panels provide expertise across diverse industries

Avail’s industrial capabilities span a wide range of applications, from precision control and relay panels for amusement park rides and FAA systems to assembly lines and wastewater management projects, including high-profile projects like the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). Experience the synergy of expertise and collaboration backed by extensive production capabilities with maximum flexibility.

Our relay panels offer the power of Avail design, production, and integration capabilities for your operation

Our engineers specialize in designing custom protective relay panels precisely to your specifications, seamlessly integrating your standards with our production processes for maximum efficiency. Our expertise extends to ongoing consultation through implementation to optimize performance.

Protection and Control Panel Design Options and Standard Features

Avail offers standard relay panels and custom solutions to meet configuration needs across various industries. Some of our key features include:

  • 11-gauge solid front panel
  • 16-gauge wing panel
  • Quad coat lacquer system or powder-coated for extra durability
  • SIS/MTW type wiring
  • Compression type terminal lugs
  • Copper bus grounding bar
  • 45° angled terminal blocks on back of panel for ease of maintenance
  • Fully functional testing, including loading relay settings upon request

Additional Standard Features of Simplex Relay Panels

Simplex Relay Panels offer standard features, ensuring comprehensive solutions. We also provide customization to align with your unique needs.

  • 90” high usable front
  • Grommet holes for ease of wiring
  • Vertical wireway
  • Typical standard dimensions
    • 24” to 48” width
    • 12” to 32” depth
    • 90” height from channel
  • Options
    • Rear-mounted horizontal wireway
    • 19” rack mount adapter plate
    • Rear-mounted swing-out panel
    • C-channel support structure
    • Our panel shop offers full customization, designing to customer specifications

Additional Features of Duplex and Triplex Relay Panels

  • 11-gauge removable top plates and end trim
  • Flush-mounted door; 3-point latch
  • C-channel support structure
  • 3 rows of grommet holes for ease of wiring
  • 3” x 10” longitudinal wireway
  • 4” x 4” lateral wireway
  • Nameplates for each device

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