bus duct maintenance

Bus Duct Maintenance

Unmatched bus duct maintenance program backed by expert technicians

Prevent bus failure with Avail’s comprehensive bus duct maintenance program

Don’t let bus failure happen to you. Avail is the industry’s only name in full-service bus inspection, maintenance, and high-performance testing to keep your system running optimally for years, regardless of who manufactured your bus system. Avail’s preventive bus duct maintenance program is tailored to meet each application’s specific priorities and executed by a team with an exemplary safety record.

Most effective at regular intervals, Avail’s bus duct maintenance has been developed over decades of bus system experience, backed by expert technicians who perform comprehensive on-site diagnostics while the system remains in service. By nature, preventive bus duct maintenance addresses issues before they become catastrophic while ensuring systems perform at their peak.

bus duct maintenance

Bus Duct Maintenance Services include:

  • Inspections
  • Cleaning
  • Testing
  • Replacement parts
  • Silver re-plating

Bus duct maintenance ensures your system’s longevity, reliability, and peak performance

It’s important to remember that preventative maintenance is not a one-time event or a simple visual inspection. It’s a strategic process that requires a formulated program to ensure safe bus duct maintenance. Timely solutions should be implemented to address any potential issues and avoid prolonged downtime.


Upon contacting our team, we will immediately work with your facility’s staff to schedule a comprehensive on-site diagnostics study. This study comprises a comprehensive visual inspection, advanced thermal imaging, low resistance, Hi-Pot and Meggar testing. The study can also include Doble EMI testing and installation of Partial Discharge (PD) sensors and identify potential issues, including:

  • Loose or broken support insulators
  • Loose, corroded, or damaged hardware
  • Defective insulation
  • Contaminated insulators
  • Stray circulating currents
  • Defective bus PT connections
  • Open PT high voltage fuses

Analysis and Solution

Next, the collected data will undergo thorough analysis, and Avail will provide a full report, including specific findings. If problems are identified or bus duct maintenance is required, this report defines and outlines a mutually developed solution.


Upon developing a prescribed solution, the next step in the Avail process involves executing necessary maintenance procedures and/or required bus duct system repairs. Whether gasket material, insulators, or old hardware needs replacement, cleaning is required, or upgrades need installation, we are committed to working within your facility’s outage schedule to get the job done.

Test and Commission

When maintenance and repair work is complete, your bus system is tested and commissioned systematically. This crucial final stage confirms that the course of action implemented by Avail has restored your system to optimum condition and performance.

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