bus duct emergency service

Bus Duct Emergency Service

Anytime, anywhere, Avail is there for you with bus duct emergency service

Addressing your most urgent bus duct emergency service requests 24/7

At Avail, we understand that any disruption to your operations, whether a slowdown or a complete halt, is an emergency. We know downtime translates into significant financial losses, often in the millions. That’s why our nationwide bus duct repair services, designed to address issues with any manufacturer’s bus system, are available around the clock to swiftly respond to your emergency, minimizing downtime and financial losses.

With 58 years of bus manufacturing and repair services, Avail’s capabilities as a bus manufacturer give our repair technicians a crucial advantage over service-only contractors in understanding how best to quickly bring your plant back online.

Bus duct emergency services minimize downtime and financial losses

Avail provides comprehensive bus duct emergency services to ensure your bus systems are up and running with minimal downtime:

  • Emergency Repairs: For Isolated Phase Bus, Non-Segregated Bus Duct, and Segregated Bus Duct.
  • Transformer Failure Services: Including GSU, AUX, and MPT transformer change-outs.
  • Troubleshooting Expertise: Root-cause analysis to prevent future issues.
  • In-House Design and Manufacturing: Custom solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Bus Duct Replacement and Repair: Inspection, cleaning, and repair for all manufacturers’ bus systems.

24/7 bus duct emergency repair service

Avail bus duct emergency service personnel are on-call 24/7, with response capability within an hour and staff quickly on-site to minimize days lost. No other provider has the full-response capabilities of Avail, all in house from your single source-partner to meet and often exceed even the most demanding bus duct emergency repair needs.

If you need emergency repair service, please call (866) 688-2258.

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