Bus Duct Services

Bus Duct Services

Tap the industry’s leading expertise and experience for bus duct services

Proactive bus duct services ensure reliable operation, minimizing downtime and avoiding unscheduled outages. Avail’s extensive experience at the forefront of advanced bus system design and production uniquely positions us to deliver a wide range of services to ensure optimal bus system performance.

Our Bus Duct Services offer expertise and experience to reduce emergency events and improve performance

For over 50 years, Avail Bus Systems has pioneered the design and production of isolated phase bus, segregated bus duct, and non-segregated bus duct systems. Leveraging our extensive experience developing advanced bus systems, Avail is uniquely positioned to service and maintain any manufacturer’s bus system.

Count on Avail Bus Duct Services for expert maintenance, support, and service

As one of the few manufacturers providing bus systems service for both isolated phase bus and non-segregated bus duct systems, Avail delivers a wide range of services to ensure optimal bus system performance.

  • Complete Installation
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Emergency Response
  • Retrofits and Upgrades
  • Full Line of Replacement Parts
  • Uprates of Existing Systems

Trust Avail for expert maintenance, support, and bus duct services, ensuring reliable operation and maximizing performance.

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