ballistic-rated e-houses

Ballistic-Rated E-Houses

Protect critical infrastructure and equipment with ballistic-rated e-houses

Bullet-resistant, ballistic-rated e-houses featuring ArmArrest™ Technology

Avail’s RuggedSpec II™ E-Houses with ArmArrest™ offer a comprehensive defense against a wide range of physical security threats, including armed fire, forced entry, and ominous storms. Our standard ArmArrest option is a UL-752 Level 4 ballistic-rated e-house, with the capacity to achieve up to UL-752 Level 8. From floors to ceilings, our ballistic-rated, bullet-resistant enclosures ensure protection against a range of weaponry, from small handguns to automatic assault weapons with armor-piercing capabilities. Avail’s ballistic-rated enclosures are factory-built, rigorously tested, and precisely assembled before delivery, ensuring the utmost reliability.


UL-752 Ballistic-Rated E-Houses

ballistic-rated e-houses

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Innovative bullet-resistant modular e-houses for enhanced security and protection

Avail ballistic-rated e-houses offer adaptable designs to accommodate various scenarios. Our standard construction incorporates bullet-resistant fiberglass panels between interior and exterior walls, significantly reducing the risk of ricocheting fire and minimizing harm to adjacent equipment. Enhanced Galvanneal steel wall structures, combined with ArmArrest’s ballistic-rated doors and forced entry hinges, fortify protection. Avail also provides innovative solutions for vulnerable areas like HVAC units, further enhancing security for your critical equipment.

Our team works closely with you to tailor solutions that integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure while maximizing protection levels. Whether you require customized layouts, additional security features, or specialized installations, Avail’s expertise ensures that our ballistic-rated e-houses are precisely configured to meet your unique requirements. Furthermore, our commitment to innovation drives ongoing research and development efforts, ensuring that our ballistic building solutions remain at the forefront of the industry are ready to adapt to emerging security challenges.

Protect substations with Avail’s ballistic-rated enclosures and comply with evolving regulations

With infrastructure hardening mandated by NERC CIP-014, fortifying security across substations is imperative. Avail’s RuggedSpec II Bullet-Resistant Enclosures, equipped with ArmArrest technology, provide a comprehensive solution to mitigate imminent security risks and ensure compliance with evolving regulations. Our streamlined processes empower us to expedite every phase, from quoting to construction and delivery, of ballistic-rated e-houses. This efficiency allows us to meet even the most stringent timelines without sacrificing quality or compromising security measures.

Beyond meeting regulatory standards, our bullet-resistant enclosures are engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions, ensuring uninterrupted operation even in the harshest environments. With durable construction and rigorous testing procedures, Avail guarantees reliability and longevity in every ballistic-rated e-house installation.

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