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Forced Air Cooling Units

Leading provider of customized FAC systems for isolated phase bus products

Optimizing isolated phase bus system performance and efficiency through forced-air cooling

When it comes to accommodating the effects of increased current, Forced Air Cooling (FAC) designs have long been the most efficient and economical means to remove heat within isolated phase bus systems to allow for higher current output. As a preferred manufacturer of leading bus systems supporting the electrical industry, Avail’s expertise is unmatched in developing best-in-class cooling packages for increased safety and reliability.

Avail is a single-source provider that can design, build, test and install bus systems as well as the forced-air cooling system. Our process includes comprehensive engineering analysis of the bus system to determine if it’s meeting its full capability. A well-designed FAC system helps improve generator output and ensures the bus system is running at peak efficiency.

Avail benefits include:

  • Smaller buses can still run higher amperages
  • Forced-air cooling systems can be retrofitted to existing bus systems to achieve full output
  • Systems are engineered to each application’s specific requirements
  • The small footprint clears space for other equipment
  • 100% system redundancy delivers increased reliability
  • Appropriate for indoor or outdoor installation

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