modular data centers

Modular Data Centers

Discover what sets Avail Modular Data Centers apart for unmatched quality and performance

Experience the power of custom-engineering with our flexible and efficient data center e-houses

Revolutionize your data infrastructure with Avail’s RuggedSpec II™ modular data centers. Our custom and prefabricated data center power distribution units, designed with unmatched flexibility and efficiency, are set to redefine industry standards. Additionally, with the ability to design, engineer, and manufacture in a controlled environment at any of our three U.S.-based facilities, our turnkey, modular data centers offer unparalleled quality, sustainability, and scalability. Avail’s accelerated quoting, expedited delivery, streamlined field processes, and scheduling advantages are designed to minimize installation times and ensure alignment with your most demanding timelines.

Enhance Efficiency with Avail’s Sustainable, Prefabricated Data Centers

Data center designers face challenges in cooling and power efficiency due to modern IT equipment’s high-power density. Consequently, this leads to significant heat generation and reliability risks. Despite energy efficiency improvements, Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) remains crucial, measuring total facility energy against IT equipment energy. Avail engineers assess modular data center location, considering temperature, humidity, altitude, and other ambient factors affecting cooling. Subsequently, they optimize cooling efficiency using ASHRAE environmental specifications, employing methods like direct/indirect cooling, air/water chilling, and refrigerant condensing to minimize PUE. Avail’s custom modular data centers with lower PUE can cut operating and capital costs, offering substantial annual savings and improved ROI for operators.

From renewable energy integration to innovative cooling solutions, Avail’s sustainable data center solutions integrate energy-efficient technologies for maximum efficiency without compromising performance.

Data Center Enclosures designed for Future Growth

As the industry continues to evolve rapidly, Avail’s modular data centers provide unparalleled adaptability. Furthermore, they offer flexibility that traditional power distribution units cannot deliver.  Engineered to the highest quality standards, Avail custom data centers provide scalable capacity with quick construction and deployment to meet changing site demands. Tailored to your specific needs, each data center is custom designed, ensuring precise alignment with your server and cooling requirements. Avail can deliver the exact solution to your site, giving you the confidence that your infrastructure can keep up with your business growth.

Avail RuggedSpec II™ data center e-houses are delivered factory assembled, wired, and pre-tested. As a result, this minimizes on-site assembly and associated delays during installation. With fast turnaround and expedient delivery, Avail provides a modular alternative to brick-and-mortar data centers, reducing the risk of complex logistics, capital investment, and scalability.

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modular data centers
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