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Specialty machine welding solutions specifically configured to address difficult U-bend welds found in heaters and furnaces

Specialty machine welding solutions specifically configured to address difficult welds

Product heaters and furnaces are some of the most common components in any refinery. Many refiners are in the process of upgrading the metallurgy of these components to reduce degradation and maintenance costs. Since these replacements involve a large number of orbital welds and these welds are performed in-situ, the high preheat requirements and difficult geometry often cause significant weld failures. Advanced materials are not very forgiving to multiple repairs, which creates a difficult challenge in meeting quality and schedule requirements. WSI has developed HotPulse®-enabled specialty machine welding systems specifically configured to make these difficult U-Bend welds. The equipment safely places the operator away from the discomfort of the high preheat and, because of the HotPulse technology, provides an extremely high-quality GTAW weld at high production rates. When high alloy base materials such as 9CrV are used, the mechanical and chemical properties of the welds are also significantly improved over conventional welding.

Watch our U-Bend welding video to learn more about our welding solutions.

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