Historical Timeline

Building on a legacy of proven expertise

Avail Infrastructure Solutions is rooted in a tradition of leadership and progress. Our journey showcases the strength and heritage of our legacy brands, reflecting our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. This timeline highlights the pivotal moments that have shaped Avail Infrastructure Solutions into the global industry leader it is today.


Aztec Manufacturing Establishes its Headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas

Aztec Manufacturing sets up its headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas, to design and distribute steel, metal, iron, and plastic products for the oil industry.


A New Direction Leads to New Acquisitions

Seeking to expand into adjacent industries, Aztec acquires RIG-A-LITE Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial lighting for hazardous environments founded in 1938.


The Calvert Company Becomes Part of Aztec’s Growth Plan

Aztec expands into electrical bus duct system design and installation by acquiring The Calvert Company, established in 1957.


Aztec Acquires Atkinson Industries

Aztec enters into the fabricated enclosure systems industry by acquiring Atkinson, a leading manufacturer of modular electrical enclosures (e-houses), founded in 1919.


Formation of the Electrical Products Group

Aztec forms the Electrical Products Group by combining Atkinson, Calvert, and RIG-A-LITE Inc.


Compressed Gas Insulated Transmission (CGIT) Business Takes Aztec Into New Territory

Aztec acquires CGIT, which originated in 1969, strengthening Aztec’s long-distance power transmission capabilities.


Aztec Becomes AZZ Incorporated

Aztec rebrands as AZZ Incorporated to mark the beginning of the 21st century.


Addition of Central Electric Manufacturing to AZZ’s Service Offering

The acquisition of Central Electric Manufacturing, founded in 1956, adds metal-clad switchgear to AZZ’s electrical product portfolio.


Specialty Welding Strengthens AZZ’s Portfolio

AZZ acquires Aquilex SRO, encompassing Welding Services Inc. (WSI) and Southeastern Mechanical Service, established in 1978, enhancing its welding capabilities.


Formation of AZZ Enclosure Systems LLC

AZZ strengthens its position in custom electrical enclosures by acquiring Power Electronics Inc. (PEI), founded in 1989, leading to the formation of AZZ Enclosure Systems LLC.


Enhancement of Switchgear Offering

AZZ expands its switchgear portfolio, manufacturing capacity, and market reach with Powergrid Solutions Inc., established in 1982.


Formation of AZZ Enclosure Systems – Chattanooga LLC

AZZ acquires assets from Lectrus Corporation, founded in 1968, bolstering its custom electrical enclosures division and leading to the formation of AZZ Enclosure Systems – Chattanooga LLC.


Introducing Avail Infrastructure Solutions

Fernweh Group acquires a majority stake in AZZ’s Infrastructure Solutions segment, rebranding it as Avail Infrastructure Solutions, the future of industrial technology.


Avail Acquires Custom Power Enclosures (CPE) Houston

Avail Infrastructure Solutions acquires CPE Houston, established in 1983, expanding its switchgear and integrated switchgear enclosure manufacturing footprint to meet utility customer needs across the United States.

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