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Bus Bar Bellows Replacement

Ensure efficient and safe bus duct operation with rectangular bus bar bellows replacements

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Bus bar bellows replacements improve efficiency and extend equipment life


Rectangular bus bar bellows replacements are essential for maintaining the functionality and safety of electrical systems in non-segregated and segregated phase bus duct applications. These bellows provide flexibility, absorb thermal expansion, and accommodate misalignment, ensuring smooth and safe operation of bus ducts. Regular replacement enhances safety, improves efficiency, and extends equipment life.


  • Material: Neoprene/Nylon or Goralon
    0.018″ Thick Outer Liner
    0.018″ Thick Stiffener
    0.010″ Thick Inner Liner
    0.046″ Total Thickness
  • Bellows to allow for 1″ of misalignment on X, Y & Z axis simultaneously
  • Number of convolutions may vary from what is shown because of length required
bus bar bellows replacement

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