RuggedSpec Custom Centers, Avail Infrastructure Solutions

RuggedSpec II Custom Centers

A wide range of facades and options, including “without floor”, two-story, hazardous location, and blast resistant

Customized solutions, reliable protection, and faster turnaround

At Avail, our team is uniquely equipped to adjust and adapt our products to meet your evolving and specific needs – while providing reliable protection for years to come. From custom paint colors to a variety of facades to aluminum or stainless-steel exteriors for corrosive atmospheres, we will work closely with your team to design the ideal system for your environment.

With our streamlined manufacturing production processes across any of our three U.S.-based facilities, Avail has the unique ability to quote, build, and deliver faster to meet the most demanding delivery schedules.

To address special applications, Avail’s RuggedSpec II™ Enclosures offer a range of specialties, including:

Without a Floor (WOF)

Ideal for pumps, motors, retrofits, or any application you choose. Place the center on a concrete pad and anchor the unit into place for a simple, cost-effective solution.

Hazardous Location

Protecting equipment in hazardous locations requires special considerations. The National Electric Code (NEC) defines a hazardous location as an environment in which flammable gasses, liquids, or dusts may be present. Avail engineers are skilled at providing options for Class I and Class II locations, and ones that may require stainless steel construction.

Blast Resistant

Protect critical resources with enclosures custom-designed and engineered by our talented team to meet your most stringent requirements. Our blast resistant building is available with the same broad range of options that have become synonymous with Avail.

RuggedSpec Custom Centers, Avail Infrastructure Solutions

Two-Story Units

Ideal for locations with space limitations, Avail’s two-story buildings allow you to go vertical. Plus, adding a second story does not restrict the design options available.

RuggedSpec Custom Centers, Avail Infrastructure Solutions

Brick Facade

When local building codes or aesthetic guidelines, including brick, is a requirement, Avail can install a variety of custom facades to meet your needs.

Brick facade – Avail Enclosure Systems can install a variety of custom facades on enclosures to meet local building codes or aesthetic guidelines, including brick.

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