ruggedspec control centers

RuggedSpec II Control Centers

Engineered to protect critical components including relay and control panels as well as monitoring and battery systems

Engineered to the highest quality standards

Avail’s RuggedSpec ll™ Control Centers are factory-built, environmentally controlled, electrical buildings designed to house and reliably protect electric relay, metering, monitoring and control equipment, including:

  • Relay, Control, and Metering Panels
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Automatic Transfer Switches
  • Lighting and Distribution Panels
  • Battery Systems
  • UPS Systems
  • Control Switchboards
  • Annunciator and Alarm Panels

Built to protect. Built to last.

Operating reliably in utility distribution, transmission and switching substations, RuggedSpec II Control Centers are engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. With enhanced robust features like Galvannealed A60 steel panels, Avail enclosures help ensure equipment operates at peak performance and achieves the longest possible service life.

With virtually endless design options, special facades, and a wide variety of construction types available, Avail’s team is ready to help customize a walk-in center to fit the specific needs of your project. And through streamlined manufacturing production processes, Avail has the unique ability to quote, build, and deliver faster than ever – minimizing startup delays to meet your tightest schedules.


Control Center Features

Pre-Engineered Design

Meets or exceeds latest standards of IBC, IEC, or ComCheck as required by local jurisdictions and all nationally recognized electrical and building codes: NEMA 3R, 100 PSF floor loads, 85 PSF roof loads, 125 MPH wall/wind loads; engineering time and special drawings minimized.

Modular Construction

Standard interior widths, lengths, and heights conform to typical relay panel dimensions; packaged equipment centers are movable and configurations expandable; exterior dimensions and modules facilitate trailer transportation.

Common Components

Base structurals, floor plates, wall panels and roofs designed from stock inventory— provides cost savings for the most competitive pricing.

Factory-Built and Tested

Faster construction time; reduced labor, material and installation costs; mitigates weather and security concerns; reduces trades and equipment coordination/inspection delays; utility wiring, interconnects and accessories tested after assembly; designed to meet rain test criteria for IEEE Std. C37.20.2-2020; continuity testing standard; megger and hi-pot testing available.

Full Line Accessories

Standard or special air conditioning, heating ventilation, pressurization, insulation; AC panel, interior fluorescent lights, switches, convenience receptacles, outdoor and emergency lights; cable tray, wireway, conduit, busway; UPS, battery, rack, DC charger, annunciator, exterior alarms; fire detection and protection; floor, wall, roof openings and reinforcing; equipment rear access panels, standard or custom doors, battery enclosures and special rooms.

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