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Emergency Response

Anytime, anywhere, Avail is there for you when it counts the most

The best people on hand to immediately address your most urgent requests

Simply put, if operations are slowed or ceased for reasons other than an outage, it’s an emergency. Avail recognizes that downtime equates to lost money, typically in millions of dollars, and our repair services are available nationwide to address issues relating to any manufacturer’s bus system. Avail’s capabilities as a bus manufacturer give our repair technicians a crucial advantage over service-only contractors in understanding how best to quickly bring your plant back on line.

Avail technicians are on-call 24/7, with response capability within an hour and staff on-site within 24 hours to minimize days lost. No other provider has the full-response capabilities of Avail, all in house from your single source-partner to meet and often exceed even the most demanding emergency repair needs. 

24/7 emergency repair service

If you need emergency repair service, please call (866) 688-2258.

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