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Protective Relay Panels

The powerful combination of expertise and collaboration

Customization is our standard

At Avail, we design and construct protective relay panels with your current and future equipment mounting needs in mind. With many years of experience and an intensive quality control program, Avail will work with you and your team to design and build high quality relay panels to fit your specific system’s requirements. Our standard simplex, duplex, and triplex designs are designed with durability and ease of maintenance in mind.

With advanced manufacturing technology and automation of processes from fabrication to panel assembly, Avail’s extensive production capabilities provide:

  • Maximum flexibility for customization and the utilization of virtually any material
  • Production speed, resulting in shorter lead times and faster project delivery
  • Quick and efficient replication of custom builds
  • The ability to integrate relay panels into a control building

Standard design includes:

  • 11 Gauge Solid Front Panel
  • 16 Gauge Wing Panel
  • Grommet Holes for ease of wiring
  • Quad Coat Lacquer Sytem or Powder Coated for extra durability
  • SIS Type Wiring
  • Ring-Tongue Terminal Lugs
  • Copper Bus Grounding Bar
  • Dimensions vary based on design, but standard widths are 24″ to 48″

Optional features for Simplex Designs include:

  • Rear Mounted Horizontal Wireway
  • 19″ Rack Mount Adapter Plate
  • Rear Mounted Swing Out Panel
  • C Channel Support Structure

Optional features for Duplex Designs include:

  • Top Entry Cutouts
  • 19″ Rack Mount Adapter Plate
  • Rear Mounted Swing Out Panel

Harness the power of Avail’s relay panel design, production and integration capabilities for your operation.

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